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Egyptians integrated communities thousands of years ago in Nile River Valley area

WEST LAFAYETTE, Ind. — New bioarchaeological evidence shows that Nubians and Egyptians integrated into a community, and even married, in ancient Sudan, according to new research from a Purdue University anthropologist. “There are not many archaeological sites that date to this time period, so we have not known what people were doing or what happened […]

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3000-year-old female mummy was covered in hidden tattoos

Covered in more than 30 tattoos of flowers, animals, and sacred symbols, this 3,000-year-old mummy is one of the most unusual that archaeologist Anne Austin has ever seen. Though other mummies have been found with abstract markings like dots tattooed on their skin, no one had ever seen figurative drawings like these. Austin and her colleagues […]

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Sunken cities: Egypt’s lost worlds

Vanished beneath the waters of the Mediterranean, the lost cities of Thonis-Heracleion and Canopus lay at the mouth of the Nile. Named after the Greek hero Heracles, Thonis-Heracleion was one of Egypt’s most important commercial centres for trade with the Mediterranean world and, with Canopus, was a major centre for the worship of the Egyptian […]

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7 Amazing Archaeological Discoveries from Egypt

From the boy-king’s glitzy tomb to the Rosetta stone, which was written by a council of priests, to the pyramids at Giza, to papyri holding gospels and magical spells, Egypt holds a vast and mysterious trove of history with interesting stories to tell. Archaeologists continue to discover these ancient sites and artifacts. Live Science takes […]

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What we can learn from Mummies

As silent witnesses to the past, ancient Egyptian mummies can add to our knowledge of their society well beyond what we can learn from the study of texts, art and funerary rituals. In a study led by Macquarie University, researchers have successfully identified proteins present in skin samples from 4200-year-old mummies with evidence of inflammation […]

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Who Was Sattjeni? Tomb Reveals Secrets About Ancient Egyptian Elite

Two eyes painted on a newly discovered Egyptian coffin seem to stare out from across millennia, conveying the secrets of the ancient Egyptian elite. The coffin, discovered this year in the necropolis at Qubbet el-Hawa across the Nile River from Aswan, belonged to an important local woman, Sattjeni, daughter of one governor, wife of another […]

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Tutankhamun: The Man and the Mystery

If someone asked you to mention an ancient Egyptian king, who would you mention? Most probably you would mention King Tutankhamun, since he was the most famous king, not only of Egypt, but of the whole world. But what do you actually know of this king? He has a famous name, but there remains a [...]
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The Ancient Mythology of the Nile

When most people think of the Nile, they automatically think of Egypt. And that is easy to understand if you look at the grand significance of the river Nile in ancient and modern-day Egypt. As such, after traveling through Egypt, the ancient Greek historian Herodotus said that Egypt is the gift of the Nile. This [...]
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Our new Website is Online!

Here at Luxor Travels, we are proud to announce that our brand new website is online. Thanks to the new interface, booking tours directly from the website is now as easy as surfing on a camel’s back. Well, actually it’s much easier than that! Simply choose your favorite tour, select the number of people that [...]
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A Dream Come True

Welcome to Luxor Travels! My name is Ragab El Motgalye and I started Luxor Travels as an online tour agency in 2008. Since it is my wish to make the dreams of Egypt visitors come true, let me explain how Luxor Travels was my dream come true. As a teenager in 1997, I had the [...]
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